Tuesday, March 15, 2016

McEachin announces candidacy for Congress

From McEachin for Congress:
Senator McEachin Announces Candidacy for Democratic Nomination in Virginia-04; Will Tirelessly Advocate for Citizens in His District

Henrico – Senator A. Donald McEachin (D-Henrico) today announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for Congress in Virginia-04. In announcing his candidacy, Senator McEachin said, ”I want to go to Washington to continue to make a difference for the citizens of my district. I have dedicated my career to fighting for the underdog in my law practice and have an over ten year record in the General Assembly of leading the fights that make a difference.

“Throughout my career in the legislature I’ve stood up for human rights, for seniors, for veterans and for those at the margins.

“I’m running for Congress this year because I’ve had enough of the backward agendas and hateful language in Washington. I’ve had enough of Republicans attacking the civil rights, voting rights and human rights of Americans. I’ve had enough of Republicans trying to tell women how to control their own bodies and their own healthcare decisions. And I’ve had enough of Republicans slashing Social Security, Medicare and education funding while protecting tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires.

“In Washington, I will work every day for economic justice to ensure everyone has an opportunity for a good job with good wages.

“Our children need outstanding cutting-edge public schools so they can learn job skills or be prepared for higher education.

“Our seniors have worked and paid into the system their entire lives and we need to protect Social Security and Medicare for them and for future generations.

“All our citizens deserve equal rights and opportunity – those most vulnerable, women, our LGBT citizens and persons of color. We need to protect and expand their rights.

“Our veterans have served our country and risked their lives to keep us safe. They must have access to services, healthcare, education and job opportunities.

“We must protect our environment and leave the earth healthier for future generations.

“In Washington, I will continue to lead these efforts. I intend to work with people, not spend my time on personal insults and partisan invective. We need to move forward to improves the lives of all Americans,” Senator McEachin concluded.

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