Sunday, September 06, 2015

Snapshot of the GOP Primary September 6, 2015

The chart above was produced using Pollster's poll of polls at the Huffington Post. The following customizations were made:

1) Date range is June 16, 2015 to the present.
2) "Less Smoothing" is selected.
3) Individual poll plots are removed to create clearer trend lines.

It's hard to escape the conclusion that Donalad Trump is poised to consolidate his lead and walk away with GOP nomination. To me, perhaps the most perplexing thing about this situation is the GOP's complete lack of a plan for ridding itself of Trump. One actually hears GOP commentators saying things like "once Trump is out of the race" without their ever having said how or why Trump would leave the race as long as he holds such a commanding lead.

With the establishment Republicans' numbers steadily sinking it hard to see how the GOP avoids a situation where regular GOP primary voters simply accept the inevitable and jump on the Trump band wagon.

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