Monday, April 13, 2015

Useful links for VCU Rams fans

As a newer VCU fanatical fan, I am often online looking for information about the team and its coach. I've also noticed other fans on Facebook struggling to make sense of the many rumors floating around the internet. Here's a handy list of websites for VCU fans who want to keep up with Men's basketball news.

Around the Horns is the official VCU Athletics blog and has lots of great information about basketball and all other student athletics at VCU. Because it is the official site, it is the go to site and [black &] gold standard for information about VCU basketball.

VCU Ram Nation is an independent news site dedicated to following news about the VCU Rams basketball program. The operators of this site have built relationships with people throughout the VCU organization and often have better and more detailed coverage than mainstream news outlets.

If you want to get down in the nitty gritty of recruiting, then the Chattering Ram is the place for you. The author of this website takes a deep dive into the stats of anyone the VCU Rams are thinking about recruiting. Every potential player gets the full treatment with links to any coverage concerning their performance and potential recruitment.

Verbal Commits is another useful site for fans who want to follow the recruiting process. Verbal Commits is not exclusive to VCU, it carries information about all NCAA teams, but its VCU page provides links to recruiting news and provides a great chart showing the current status of all of VCU's players.

VCU Basketball , The Rams Review, and VCU Sports are three more blogs that cover VCU men's basketball. While not technically a blog, the Twitter feed of VCU superfan Chris "VCU Pav" Crowley has become an important source of VCU basketball and fan news.

Last but not least is the VCU Sports blog at the Richmond Times Dispatch. A lot of VCU fans don't believe the RTD really gives VCU it's due (preferring to cover UVA and UR) but it is what it is. We are probably biased.

I hope this list helps you find the information you want about VCU basketball. If you think of something I've missed, please leave me a link in the comments below.

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