Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Another round in the RPV's civil war?

Followers of this blog are no doubt aware that my posting here has fallen way off as I pursue other interests. Still, when something particularly over the top, something clearly not business as usual, happens, then it might be worth a quick post.

As many in Virginia know, notwithstanding the many protestations from the Republican Party of Virginia, there is a very acrimonious struggle underway for control of the Virginia branch of the GOP between wings that might be broadly described as the "Establishment" and the "Tea Party," though these descriptions aren't comprehensive, as the lines of battle are somewhat blurred. The latest battleground in this fight concerns the re-elections of several local GOP officials in Prince William County, Virginia. From the Washington Post:
Republican supervisors in Prince William County may have to compete in unpredictable individual caucuses this spring after the local party committee missed a state deadline for requesting a traditional primary.

The mistake could make board of supervisors chairman Corey A. Stewart (R) and four Republican colleagues more vulnerable to lesser-known challengers, who could pack a caucus or firehouse canvass with enough supporters to stage an upset victory.
Now here's where it gets interesting: there are rumors the local GOP party committee deliberately missed the filing deadline in order to open the door to an insurgent challenge. Definitely worth paying attention to how this plays out.

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