Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Senator Frank Ruff deploys racist term against healthcare reform


From the office of State Senator Donald McEachin:
Henrico – Senator A. Donald McEachin (D-Henrico) today assailed the remarks of his colleague Senator Frank Ruff in referring to Marketplace Virginia, the private insurance bipartisan plan to offer health care for low income Virginians, as a “tar baby.”

Senator McEachin said, “For Senator Ruff to use an expression widely known as a racial slur was shocking, insensitive and extremely disappointing. Instead of contributing to the merits of this discussion, he resorts to old time racial epithets and dog whistles. However, every bit as dismaying is his lack of concern for the up to 400,000 low income working Virginians who would finally have the opportunity to access healthcare for themselves and their families. Instead of engaging and trying to find solutions, he has simply demonstrated his complete lack of concern for their very real needs.

“Moreover, Senator Ruff has been completely inaccurate about the Marketplace Virginia proposal. The plan contains a kill switch that will ensure that Virginia will not have to over pay and that the program’s costs will not simply escalate. For him to ignore this critical piece either demonstrates a complete lack of knowledge of the legislation which is alarming or an intentional ignorance which is truly unacceptable.

“Senator Ruff owes Virginians an apology and, as importantly, a commitment to actually read the legislation, to speak the truth about what it contains and to engage in a serious, merit and fact based dialogue to improve the lives of Virginians, the very thing he was elected to do, instead of resorting to antiquated and offensive insults."

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Neal Jessup said...

In regard to your article on Sen. Frank Ruff, please be aware that the term "tar baby" refers to a sticky situation that gets worse by intervention. It is not widely known that some consider it a racial slur. Remember the flap in the past over the use of the word "niggardly", and how those perpetuating unmerited outrage can themselves look a little silly for doing so. Please read the Wikipedia article on this term. Thanks.