Monday, February 24, 2014

Donald McEachin: “I can’t believe the hypocrisy . . ."

From the office of Virginia State Senator A. Donald McEachin:
Richmond – Senator McEachin today released this statement in response to the House of Delegates Republicans' rejection of the Virginia Chamber compromise on Medicaid expansion.

Senator McEachin said, "I can't believe the hypocrisy of these Republican legislators. Many of them are more than happy to take state subsidized insurance for themselves and their families while depriving low-income working Virginians of affordable health care. Their words of supposed concern for these people are nothing more than that – hollow, empty words.

"They raise false objections to a compromise plan that would save the state millions, provide health care to hundreds of thousands of citizens and, contains a kill switch to ensure it would never be a victim of cost overruns.

"Suddenly they are claiming not taking federal dollars is an issue of long-held principle. Their actions demonstrate otherwise as federal dollars subsidize over a fifth of our state budget. Never before have they expressed such qualms about government money.

"It's time to stop these verbal shenanigans and for the Republicans to start doing what they were sent here to do – improve the lives of Virginians, save our tax dollars and work together to find sensible, reasonable, fiscally prudent policy – all of which Marketplace Virginia is."

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