Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Massive copyright infringement by Republican website!

For a party that claims to believe in property rights, the Republican Party of Virginia certainly plays fast and loose with the property rights of others, including--and brace yourself--the Beatles!

An anonymous blogger claiming to blog on behalf of the Virginia GOP caucus has chosen to use the Beatles' song "Taxman" in one of their youtube videos, a huge violation of the copyright of one of the most jealously guarded copyrights in history!

It will be interesting to see how long it takes for the Beatles to take action against the Republican blogger.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The truth about Rick Santorum's support of Ken Cuccinelli

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Bill Clinton is currently holding a series of triumphant rallies across Virginia for Terry McAuliffe. As for Rick Santorum's effort to "help" Ken Cuccinelli--well, profit might be a bigger motive than ideological solidarity.

Democratic enthusiasm and unity in Richmond!

The Battle of the Surrogates: Bill Clinton versus Rick Santorum

As the 2013 Virginia Gubernatorial Race heads for the finish line, time is running out for the candidates to fire up their campaign workers and volunteers. One classic campaign tactic is to deploy surrogates into the field to campaign alongside the candidate. These surrogates are more than mere endorsers--they tend to be political celebrities capable of drawing crowds and firing up the campaign workers right before the start of Get Out The Vote weekend--the last three days before the election and Election day itself--known in campaign shorthand as "GOTV."

Ken Cuccinelli's chosen GOTV surrogate is failed Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, who is recruiting Tea Party religious conservatives to volunteer on Cuccinelli's behalf from Friday November 1st through Sunday the 3rd.

Terry McAuliffe has answered Cuccineli by recruiting former two term President of the the United States William Jefferson ("Bill") Clinton, also known as "the Big Dog" and "the Explainer in Chief" to barnstorm through Virginia for four days to inspire his campaign workers before they embark upon a four day "GOTV" weekend that begins Saturday November 2nd and ends when the polls close on Election Day, November 5th at 7:00 P.M.

Each surrogate reflects the strengths and limitations of both candidates. Cuccinelli--currently down in the polls--is hoping for high turnout among his own Tea Party Republican base and relatively low turnout among Democrats to help him pull off an upset win--hence the choice of an ideologue like Santorum, who might motivate the Tea Party base, even if he turns off political moderates.

McAuliffe, on the other hand, must build a coalition of more moderate voters from a wide variety of voters who have a historically lower rate of turnout. Bill Clinton may be the best political stump speaker this nation has ever produced, and his appeal stretches far beyond the Democratic base. Clinton is a Democratic "two-for" because he fires up our base and appeals to many moderates and independents as well.

The outcome of this race may very well depend on the effectiveness of these two surrogates in turning out and firing up volunteers to do the work of getting out the vote.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Do yourself a favor and adopt a black cat!

A couple of years ago I adopted a (mostly) black cat, and he's become my best buddy. Unfortunately, black cats are often discriminated against because of the silly superstition that they are somehow bad luck, or worse, they are adopted and abused or even killed. What could be luckier than to have a devoted friend who greets you at the door when you arrive home?

Check out the Richmond SPCA's website and you will see that there are many black, or mostly black, cats awaiting adoption. All of these cats deserve good homes, but because of my friend Felix, I'm partial to black cats and all the cats I adopt in the future will be black cats.

My cat Felix.

Longest serving Republican in General Assembly endorses Terry McAuliffe

From the McAuliffe campaign:
Virginia's longest-serving Republican former member of the House of Delegates Vince Callahan discusses why he is supporting Terry McAuliffe for governor. In the ad, Callahan underscores McAuliffe's commitment to focusing on jobs, while he says he "cannot support Ken Cuccinelli" because he will not keep Virginia "on the right track."

Ken Cuccinelli has spent his career putting his own ideological agenda first, including launching a witch-hunt against the University of Virginia because he did not agree with a climate scientist's findings, costing the school $600,000 in legal fees. As Cuccinelli tries to run from his extreme record, Election Day will show Virginia voters don't want to elect someone as governor who has spent his entire career prioritizing his own ideological agenda.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mark Obenshain is a Cuccinelli clone

New poll out from Rasmussen in Virginia governor's race

October 22, 2013 model with less smoothing.
A new poll from Rasmussen is out and it shows a disastrous collapse in Ken Cuccinelli's numbers. Keep in mind that Rasmussen is a Republican poll and tends to skew to the right by a point or two--it's a worthwhile poll, but you need to remember to deduct a point or two from the Republican's numbers.  That being said, this poll reflects an unfolding disaster for the campaign of extreme Tea Party Republican Ken Cuccinelli.

I have made the following three modifications to Pollster's model in order to produce the chart above:

1) The default percentage range for Pollster is 20% to 55%. I have altered that range to 5% to 55% so that Libertarian Robert Sarvis' numbers are visible.

2) I have excluded the results of three polls performed by Roanoke College. Roanoke College's polls last year were revealed to be wildly inaccurate and skewed, and two of the three polls they have performed this year are wildly inconsistent with the results of all other polls. Roanoke College simply has nothing useful to contribute, so I have excluded them.

3) I have excluded the results of a poll performed by Zogby/Newsmax (R) for substantially the same reasons that I have excluded Roanoke College.

Takeaway? The Republican War on Women, the Star Scientific Scandal, and the Tea Party's shutdown of the federal government have created a perfect storm for Ken Cuccinelli.  In May of this year, I predicted that E.W. Jackson would drag down the campaigns of Ken Cuccinelli and Mark Obenshain.  It is clear to me now that I owe E.W. Jackson an apology--it is clear now that the weak link in the Republican ticket is Ken Cuccinelli, and it is Cuccinelli that is dragging down his running mates.


This great ad from Ralph Northam really reflects Northam's greatest strength: his commitment to serving his fellow Virginians and Americans. Northam has served us as a soldier, a doctor, and a senator, and he is far and away the best choice for Virginia's next Lieutenant Governor. Tell your friends and family to vote for Ralph Northam for Lieutenant Governor this year.

Monday, October 21, 2013

The AP's dismissal of Bob Lewis is a tragedy

Veteran Virginia political reporter Bob Lewis has been fired by the Associated Press.

Anybody who knows me knows that I am a fanatical Virginia Democrat and Liberal. When I heard the news that Bob Lewis had published--and then almost immediately retracted--a false story about Terry McAuliffe, I was upset, but I respected Mr. Lewis for admitting his mistake and moving swiftly to correct it.

I have nothing but respect for Bob Lewis. I have encountered him many, many times as a political blogger in Virginia and I have found him to be a very professional reporter.

That being said, he got this story terribly wrong--but to his credit, he almost immediately retracted it. I wish I knew what went wrong. I have to believe that Mr. Lewis was misled and fed false information by a Republican source.

Something went terribly wrong and I was upset that someone with Bob Lewis' gravitas was misled, but if I am ever lucky enough to run into Bob Lewis in person, I intend to shake his hand.

This is a real loss to the Virginia political reporting scene. Bob Lewis is a vanishing commodity--an impartial witness.

I am sorry to see him go.

I hope that one of Virginia's major newspapers is smart enough to profit off the AP's blunder by quickly hiring Mr. Lewis--we need his brand of high-quality, impartial reporting.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Tale of Two Surrogates

Jim Bob Duggar--seen in the video above--was Ken Cuccinelli's chosen surrogate for the last part of this past week. On Saturday, October 19, 2013, Terry McAuliffe answered the Duggars by rolling out the endorsement of a close personal friend, Hillary Clinton:

Folks, compare and contrast. Ask yourself what these two competing endorsements mean. Jim Bob Duggar doesn't seem to know who Ken Cuccinelli's opponent is--or even who Ken Cuccinelli is. Hillary Clinton is a long time personal friend of Terry McAuliffe, and arguably the most accomplished woman in American politics.

I watched Hillary Clinton endorse the Democratic statewide ticket via live stream while serving as a canvass captain for the Democratic Coordinated Campaign on Saturday, October 19, 2013. I snapped a couple of photos during Hillary Clinton's speech. Take a close look at the other people working with me--see any connection to why Cuccinelli is being crushed in this election?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hillary Clinton endorses Terry McAuliffe and the Democratic ticket!

The Democratic Party is unified around its ticket of Terry McAuliffe for Governor, Ralph Northam for Lieutenant Governor, and Mark Herring for Attorney General. The Democratic ticket this year is mainstream, moderate, pragmatic, and above all competent. This is a great ticket, focused on the future and promoting progress for Virginia.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Cuccinelli reduced to using idiots as surrogates

So this guy is Ken Cuccinelli's ace in the hole?

Terry McAuliffe has--in no particular order--Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Mark Warner, Tim Kaine, Linwood Holton, and many, many other respected endorsers.

And Ken Cuccinelli is left with a family of circus freaks? I guess that's about the size of it.

Breaking: "Oliver Twist" actually based on early life of E.W. Jackson

Early today, the Washington Post broke a shocking story: it turns out that Charles Dickens' classic novel Oliver Twist, published in 1837, is loosely based on the life of E.W. Jackson (born January 13, 1952).

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Tea Party Catch-22 will destroy the Republican Party

The Tea Party Catch-22: no one who has not endorsed the Tea Party can win the Republican 2016 Presidential nomination; no one who has endorsed the Tea Party can win the 2016 General Election.

House of Representatives floor reporter melts down during vote to end shutdown

Audio of the mental breakdown of a House of Representatives floor reporter's breakdown during the vote to end the shutdown and avert default. Her is being reported variously as "Diane Reidy" and "Dianne Reidy."

She is totally going to be mocked . . . and possibly institutionalized.

Update: better video.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Update 2: Even better video.

Honest Republicans admit the Republican Party caused shutdown and default

Honest Republicans admit what every other American already knows: the Republican Party is solely responsible for the government shutdown and the default that is already underway. The Tea Party is going to cost this nation hundreds of billions of dollars in increased borrowing costs and lost jobs.

Voting for a Tea Party Republican is a vote for destroying America's future.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mark Obenshain can't hide his Tea Party roots

Mark Obenshain is trying to play down his Tea Party roots, but it wasn't that long ago that he was excited to have the Tea Party on his "team."  As the screenshot from Obenshain's campaign website shows, Obenshain competed for and won the support of no fewer than 46 Tea Party groups!

Mark Obenshain is the Tea Party candidate for Virginia Attorney General this year.  He is the Tea Party's hand picked candidate, and Obenshain wore that "distinction" with pride until quite recently.  Now that the Tea Party is tanking the economy and putting hundreds of thousands of Virginians out of work, Obenshain isn't bragging about it so much.

Mark Herring will fight for Virginians as Attorney General

From Mark Herring's campaign:
Today, the Mark Herring for Attorney General campaign released a television ad exposing Mark Obenshain and Ken Cuccinelli’s cozy relationship with an out-of-state energy company seeking to swindle Virginia landowners out of millions in gas royalties.

* * *

“The donation that Mark Obenshain took after the scandal was exposed was nothing more than a down payment from Consol Energy to Mark Obenshain to continue the special treatment the company has experienced under Ken Cuccinelli,” Herring said. “This is about whose side Mark Obenshain is going to be on. It’s clear that just like his ticket-mate Ken Cuccinelli, Mark Obenshain would side with out-of-state energy companies, not Virginia property owners. Virginians want the next Attorney General to be a break from Ken Cuccinelli, but Obenshain is going down the same path. As Attorney General, I’ll take politics out of the office, put the law – and Virginians – first.”

The ad, titled “Property,” frames the Obenshain-Cuccinelli approach as right for Consol, but wrong for Virginia. In a class action lawsuit against Virginia citizens, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli sided with Consol Energy, the out-of-state company that has donated $111,000 to Cuccinelli’s campaign for Governor.

Consol’s $15,000 contribution to Mark Obenshain’s campaign for Attorney General signals Obenshain’s willingness to continue to take the side of out-of-state companies the way Cuccinelli has.

Video reveals Cuccinelli's theocratic intent

Ken Cuccinelli explains how and why he intends to impose his religion and ideology on Virginia.

This next video shows Cuccinelli bragging about how he misled the editors of the Washington Post and Virginia voters by bald-facedly lying about what his policy goals were. Cuccinelli told the Washington Post his focus would be on transportation, but his real focus has been on ending a woman's right to choose.

This last video is by American Bridge, and hammers Cuccinelli for his dishonesty on the campaign trail.

The striking thing for me is that Ken Cuccinelli admitted--hell, he bragged--that he'd lied to the Washington Post about what he stood for and had gotten away with. Watch the video of his speech; fooling the Washington Post is a laugh line in his speech.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Republican Party support for Ken Cuccinelli crumbling

The Cuccinelli campaign has been incompetent, but Cuccinelli bears a large amount of the responsibility himself. His refusal to resign from the Attorney General's office--as is Virginia tradition--hobbled his fundraising efforts and highlighted his many conflicts of interest when the Star Scientific and Chefgate scandals broke. His decision to completely identify with the Tea Party meant that the Tea Party shutdown of the federal government dragged him under. Ken Cuccinelli once said that we needed an entire senate of Ted Cruzes, but Cruz himself threw Cuccinelli under the bus with his ill-timed government shutdown. Angry voters will take their anti-Tea Party feelings out on Ken Cuccinelli three weeks from now, while Cruz doesn't face re-election until 2018.

SWAC newspaper: "A sad state scandal"

From the News Leader:
We can accept that federal prosecutors do not wish to influence next month’s Virginia elections and therefore will delay any criminal charges against Gov. Bob McDonnell.

These outrages are harder to swallow: that McDonnell ever thought it ethical to receive such lavish gifts, especially from someone as shady as Star Scientific’s Jonnie R. Williams Sr.; that in Virginia, expensive gifts to politicians are perfectly legal; and finally, that the Commonwealth is paying McDonnell’s impressive legal fees through this ugliness, because our Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli also lacked the sense to stay away from Williams.
Read "A sad state scandal" at the News Leader.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin lead a lynch mob to the White House

Today, Tea Party Republicans Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin chose to lead a lynch mob to the White House behind the Confederate flag. Just one problem for these nasty, racist assholes: the Secret Service. Sorry, racist Tea Party Republican assholes; no lynching today--signed, the Secret Service.

SNL News skewers Ted Cruz

Mark Warner condemns Tea Party Republican "idiocy"

During a Senate Commerce Committee hearing on October 11, 2013, Senator Mark Warner spoke about a conversation with the founder of a Virginia contracting firm with 5,500 employees, built over 25 years, who now faces bankruptcy in just weeks because of the federal government shutdown, calling Tea Party Republicans' actions in shutting down the government "idiocy."

Popular culture is punishing the GOP for the shutdown

The Republican Party decided to do something ridiculously stupid in a media atmosphere where stupidity invites ridicule, and now they are paying the price.

Republicans' "Epic Battle" is really just "Bad Governance"

Saturday, October 12, 2013

What was Cuccinelli waiting for?

From American Bridge:
Cuccinelli said that "Trust is something that is easy to lose and hard to recover." He's right. And until he shows Virginians that he understands that it was wrong for him to accept (and even ask for) THOUSANDS of dollars of gifts from someone who was fighting the state in court, he is not taking a single step toward recovering Virginians' trust.

Crooked Ken's $18,000 in gifts

From American Bridge:
Once again, Cuccinelli put his flawed ethical judgment on full display. Not only did Cuccinelli own stock in a company his office was fighting in court, he received more than $18,000 in gifts, flights, meals and vacations from its CEO. After waves of bad publicity forced him to admit a conflict of interest and recuse himself from two separate court cases, Cuccinelli still maintains his actions were "certainly not unethical."

Cuccinelli says he's learned lessons from this ordeal, but since he STILL maintains he never did anything wrong, he has a lot left to learn.

E.W. Jackson and the Context of Hate

E.W. Jackson is running from his past and from his record of hate speech. He is wrong for Virginia.

Cuccinelli mocked Washington Post

Ken Cuccinelli bragged about lying to the Washington Post. From American Bridge:
"People can look at my record and see that what I campaign on is what I pursue."

That's what Ken Cuccinelli said during tonight's debate. That's right, the same person who famously bragged about lying to the press about his past campaigns is once again trying to deceive voters about his extreme agenda.

Here's our post-debate online ad showing Cuccinelli's cynical history of deceiving voters by pretending to address important issues like jobs or transportation. Cuccinelli himself has admitted on multiple occasions that no matter what issues he talks about publicly, his main focus will always be instituting his extreme social agenda.

Cuccinelli and Jackson on Women's reproductive health

From American Bridge:
On October 7th, State. Sen. Dick Black was a special guest at a Leesburg fundraiser for Ken Cuccinelli. As you know, Black caused jaws to drop when he made headlines earlier this year for comparing abortion to the Holocaust on the floor of the Senate.

With Cuccinelli and EW Jackson infamously comparing abortion to slavery and the KKK, it's no surprise they'd turn to Senator Black with help raising money to further their extreme and divisive social agenda. Once again, the Cuccinelli-Jackson ticket has shown they're simply too extreme for Virginia.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Election Day Forecast

This will be a regular feature of this website through Election Day. The current forecast for Election Day, November 5, 2013 is sunny and cloudless, 69 degrees high and 47 degrees low.

"The Republican Death Spiral" begins again

Go ahead and watch this ad from Ken Cuccinelli's campaign for the Virginia Governor's Mansion; I'll wait.

Ready? Okay, now let me let you in on a little secret--that was not a campaign commercial; that was a cry for help. Right out of the gate it must be said that the ad is completely false.

Terry McAuliffe invested in a company called Estate Planning Resources in the belief that it was--as its name suggests--a company that provided clients with estate planning services. McAuliffe never dreamed that the company's founder was a scam artist. AP's Bob Lewis mistakenly posted a story suggesting a greater level of involvement for McAuliffe than passive investor . . . and then retracted the story 98 minutes later with an apology to McAuliffe.

Cuccinelli's nasty attack ad is thus based on a story retracted by its author less than two hours after it was posted. Cuccinelli made a deliberate decision to promote a negative story about his opponent that he knew to be untrue. It is an act of a truly desperate man.

Back on October 22, 2007 I described a phenomenon that I have seen play out time and time again: "The Republican Death Spiral." It is a sure sign that a Republican campaign sees itself as being in deep trouble.
October 22, 2007 -- I think I finally understand what is wrong with the Republican Party of Virginia. I think I've discovered the key to why the RPV has presided over so many losses statewide in recent years and why all signs point to a continuation of this pattern. I've even coined a name for it: the "RPV death spiral."

The starting point for the RPV's death spiral is the fact that the Republicans really don't have anything positive to offer Virginians. The RPV is largely defined by what it is against; it really isn't for anything. It occasionally couches it's policies in "faux-pro" language, but nobody is fooled anymore. "Pro-marriage" is transparently anti-gay, because nothing the Republicans have ever suggested has helped anyone stay married: all their "pro-marriage" legislation is really aimed at hurting gay people because they hate gay people.

Their so-called "pro-life" agenda is anything but "pro." It's aimed at taking away reproductive rights from uppity women. The Republican Party has shown no interest whatsoever in ensuring that the lives of children are better, that they have a fighting chance at a positive future. Republicans oppose SCHIP and any other kind of public health. At least one Republican candidate for elective office in Virginia this year has advocated doing away with all funding for public schools!

The Republican Party has staked itself out as the anti-government party. All it promises to do if elected is to dismantle government and--privately--to arrange corrupt sweetheart deals for their supporters. With nothing positive to propose, with nothing positive to defend, the Republicans can only attack--and therein lies their Achilles heel.

Republicans pride themselves on their ability to deliver extremely nasty personal attacks against their opponents. In the past they have had some success with this methodology, but with the rise of new medias this strategy has fallen victim to the law of diminishing returns: the more they use it, the less effective it becomes.

Have you ever noticed that Republicans never seem to know when they've gone too far?

I first noticed this back during Jerry Kilgore's campaign for governor. Kilgore spent tens of millions of dollars to self-destruct spectacularly--his "Hitler" ads cost Kilgore tens of thousands of votes. His inability to pledge to limit his negative attack ads to less than half when prodded by Larry Sabato cost him many, many more. Kilgore's mentor George Allen self-destructed a year later in an even more memorable fashion.

What did both of these races have in common? What will they have in common with future Republican campaigns? In a word, nastiness. Not just any kind of nastiness, but unrelenting, unreasoning, unstoppable nastiness. Don't get me wrong: Democrats use negative tactics too, they just use them very differently. If a Democratic candidate goes too far or if a negative line of messaging appears to be failing, a Democrat will back away, change themes, maybe even go positive and talk about plans for the future.

Not so with Republican campaigns. We've all seen the pattern repeat itself, time and again. A Republican candidate decides to go negative and launches a series of negative television ads or mailers. Sometimes this works; often--and more and more, lately--the negative attack fails and even damages the Republican candidate. Think Kilgore's Hitler ads; remember Allen's pedophilia ads. Both of these attacks failed miserably. Did the Republicans back up? Did they "go positive"?

Of course they didn't. They did what they always do: they went more and more negative.

Looking back you can almost see them scratching their heads, asking themselves what went wrong? The answer always seems to be the same, they always conclude that their attacks didn't go far enough. "If only we had been nastier," they seem to say. "We let up too early, we should have taken it even further--meaner with more money and more TV spots."

It is this dynamic that forms the RPV death spiral. As each progressively nastier attack fails, they devise additional, progressively nastier attacks. They sink lower and lower . . . and fail.

They have already promised us the nastiest campaign in Virginia History aimed at Mark Warner next year. It looks as though they'll never learn, and that's something Virginia's Democrats have cause to be thankful for.
Right now the Cuccinelli campaign is beginning to panic and become desperate. They have begun to tell themselves "we haven't been tough enough, nasty enough." They are telling themselves that they have to take the gloves off, and if that means telling straight out falsehoods, then so be it. For the Cuccinelli campaign, the Republican Death Spiral has begun, and we can look forward to three weeks of increasingly shrill, crazy, and false attacks from the Tea Party Republican.

That Ken Cuccinelli would bet his campaign on a lie of this magnitude makes it clear that he lacks the character to be Governor of Virginia.

Republican shutdown endangers disabled veterans

It's becoming a fairly common meme online: conservatives are writing blog posts with the message "the federal government has been closed for X days and it hasn't affected me at all . . ."

From the Richmond Times Dispatch:
Haneke held up his end of the bargain, serving as a captain in Vietnam until a bomb exploded nearby.

Haneke lost most of his right leg and part of his left foot. He lost his left eye, half his nose and four fingertips on his right hand. With a shattered skull and jaw and wounds on 90 percent of his body, he nearly lost his life.

Now, he and other disabled veterans are on the verge of losing the monthly government payments they depend on to survive.
It is simply appalling that the Republican Party would allow its Tea Party wing to endanger the health and well-being of our nation's disabled veterans. The Tea Party Republicans had enough foresight about what a government shutdown meant to arrange for their own gym to remain open, but Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz made no provision for our disabled veterans!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Quinnipiac poll shows McAuliffe breaking away from Cuccinelli

October 10, 2013 model with less smoothing.
A new poll from Quinnipiac University is out and, along with other polls that came out earlier this week, it shows that McAuliffe is clearing breaking away from Ken Cuccinelli. I have made the following three modifications to Pollster's model in order to produce the chart above:

1) The default percentage range for Pollster is 20% to 55%. I have altered that range to 5% to 55% so that Libertarian Robert Sarvis' numbers are visible.

2) I have excluded the results of three polls performed by Roanoke College. Roanoke College's polls last year were revealed to be wildly inaccurate and skewed, and the two of the three polls they have performed this year are wildly inconsistent with the results of all other polls. Roanoke College simply has nothing useful to contribute, so I have excluded them.

3) I have excluded the results of a poll performed by Zogby/Newsmax (R) for substantially the same reasons that I have excluded Roanoke College.

Takeaway? Unless the Tea Party Republicans in Congress reopen the government and raise the debt limit very, very soon, Ken Cuccinelli won't have the time he needs to recover and close the gap with McAuliffe. Cuccinelli has closely associated himself with the Tea Party movement since its very inception, and there is no way for him to escape its gravitational pull as the Tea Party pulls the Republican Party down to historically low favorability ratings. The November 5, 2013 elections in Virginia may become a referendum on the Tea Party, and if they do it will be a disaster for the Republican Party.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Republican Roulette

Here's something you need to understand about the shut down and the threat of default. Right now the image the Republicans are trying to project is that they have a gun to the head of the U.S. economy and they are going to pull the trigger and kill the hostage on a set date if their demands aren't met. They want you to believe they are in control. This is inaccurate.

Taking hostages and engaging in extortion is bad enough, but the Republican Party is engaged in a game of Republican Roulette.

The reality is that there are too many variables for the Republicans to know exactly when disaster will overtake the economy. The real scenario that Americans need to understand is that the Republican Party is playing Russian Roulette with the U.S. economy.

The Republicans don't actually know precisely when they might trigger a second Great Depression. Click. Every day they play out this manufactured crisis there is a chance disaster could overtake us. Click. There are always unintended consequences, but the Republicans continue to string the crisis out. Click.

Click . . .

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

New polls out in the Virginia Governor's race

October 8, 2013 projection with moderate smoothing.

October 8, 2013 projection with less smoothing.
Several new polls are out and Pollster has finally updated its model, which means I can update my model, which is really just a modification of Pollster's. I have made the following three modifications:

1) The default percentage range for Pollster is 20% to 55%. I have altered that range to 5% to 55% so that Libertarian Robert Sarvis' numbers are visible.

2) I have excluded the results of three polls performed by Roanoke College. Roanoke College's polls last year were revealed to be wildly inaccurate and skewed, and the two of the three polls they have performed this year are wildly inconsistent with the results of all other polls. Roanoke College simply has nothing useful to contribute, so I have excluded them.

3) I have excluded the results of a poll performed by Zogby/Newsmax (R) for substantially the same reasons that I have excluded Roanoke College.

Takeaway? The last two polls in this projection were performed after the Tea Party Republican shut down of the federal government, and it is having a serious impact on the campaign of Tea Party Republican Ken Cuccinelli.

It's time to volunteer for the Democratic Coordinated Campaign

Now is the time to volunteer and send a message to the Tea Party: Virginia wants leaders, not obstruction.

Terry McAuliffe is focused on jobs

When he is governor, Terry McAuliffe will focus on job creation, not divisive social issues.

Terry McAuliffe enjoys bi-partisan support

Terry McAuliffe enjoys a wide base of bi-partisan support, and has been endorsed by many Republicans. When elected, McAuliffe will focus on pragmatic leadership to move Virginia forward.

Terry McAuliffe is running to create jobs

As a successful businessman, Terry McAuliffe knows what it takes to create jobs. When he is governor, Terry McAuliffe will be focused on job creation, not divisive social issues.

McAuliffe will invest in education and create jobs

Terry McAuliffe wants to invest in education and support Virginia's small businesses by ensuring they have enough skilled workers. McAuliffe isn't focused on a divisive social agenda--he will work in a bi-partisan manner to move Virginia forward.

McAuliffe is the bi-partisan choice for Hampton Roads

Six out of seven of the mayors of the cities surrounding Hampton Roads--both Republicans and Democrats--have endorsed Terry McAuliffe for Governor. Virginia has had enough of divisive Tea Party partisanship and is ready for someone who can lead from the center.

Terry McAuliffe knows transportation is key to Virginia jobs

Even before he was elected Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe was showing the kind of bi-partisan leadership necessary to move Virginia forward.

Mark Warner endorses Terry McAuliffe

Mark Warner is far and away the most popular politician in Virginia and he has endorsed Terry McAuliffe for Gover as a pragmatic centrist who can work with both sides of the aisle and move Virginia forward.

New Wason Center poll shows Cuccinelli's support cratering

A new poll out from the Wason Center for Public Policy shows support for Ken Cuccinelli is cratering under negative reaction to Cuccinelli's anti-woman policies and a general rejection of Tea Party Republicans.

Up until the last day or so, Ken Cuccinelli has managed to stay within four or five points of Terry McAuliffe, trailing but still in the race. The shut down of the federal government by Tea Party Republicans closely allied to Ken Cuccinelli has apparently broken the back of the struggling Cuccinelli campaign.

Terry McAuliffe will be a job creator

As the Cuccinelli campaign flounders, Terry McAuliffe is able to pivot to his positive message of job creation.

Monday, October 07, 2013

New Politico poll shows devastating collapse in Cuccinelli's numbers

Already trailing Democrat Terry McAuliffe, the federal government shutdown engineered by the Tea Party has cost Ken Cuccinelli three points in just six days of shutdown. A new poll by Politico taken on October 5th and 6th shows Cuccinelli's support collapsing. Ken Cuccinelli--the quintessential Tea Party Republican--is seeing his campaign for the Virginia Governor's mansion consumed by the Tea Party's attempted coup in the House of Representatives.

TIME Magazine on the Republican assault on Democracy

Click on the image to visit TIME Magazine.

Ken Cuccinelli's comparison of immigrants to rats comes back to haunt him

Ken Cuccinelli infamously compared immigrants to rats and now that comparison is coming back to haunt him. This ought to be Cuccinelli's "Macaca" moment, but in truth the listening public has gotten so used to hearing outrageous racist, sexist, and otherwise hateful remarks from Tea Party Republicans like Ken Cuccinelli, that the press hardly takes notice these days.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Ken Cuccinelli flees from Ted Cruz

Last night, in Richmond, Virginia, Tea Party Republican Ken Cuccinelli turned up his heels and fled just as fast as his feet would carry him from Ted Cruz, the Tea Party Republican architect of the federal government shutdown.

For weeks now, the Cuccinelli campaign has been planning a triumphant joint appearance with Cuccinelli and Cruz at the annual dinner of the Family Foundation of Virginia, a conservative anti-abortion group. The Cuccineli campaign was also looking at other appearances with the two Tea Party Republicans campaigning together--but no more; Cruz is now seen as too toxic by the Cuccinelli campaign, which has been back peddling from Cruz in what can only be called a panicky retreat.

Last night, at the Greater Richmond Convention Center, Ken Cuccinelli actually avoided being photographed with Ted Cruz and fled the venue after giving brief opening remarks--and long before Cruz gave the keynote speech.

Outside, a boisterous crowd of 200 protesters from Planned Parenthood, United Steelworkers, the League of Conservation Voters, the Sierra Club, and many other groups opposed to Cuccinelli's candidacy demonstrated and encouraged passing motorists to blow their horns if they opposed Cuccinelli. There was a lot of horn blowing.

What a change in tone from just a few months ago, when Ken Cuccinelli brayed that the U.S. Senate needed "more Ted Cruzes." Just months ago, Ken Cuccinelli would have replaced every senator in the U.S. Senate with a clone of Ted Cruz; now Ken Cuccinelli refuses to be be photographed with Ted Cruz, or even stick around to hear what Ted Cruz has to say.

Of course, right now, Cuccinelli is trying to distance himself from the hugely unpopular Cruz, but previously, Cuccinelli has pronounced himself a fan of government shutdowns, boasting that he'd take Virginia "right to the brink, over the brink" rather than approve a tax hike that was later approved. Ken Cuccinelli is every bit as nutty and irresponsible as Ted Cruz, but now he's trying to dodge the senator from Texas now that he's become unpopular.

So now we wait for Ken Cuccinelli's "best friend forever" Ted Cruz to blink while Cruz's shutdown of the federal government tanks Virginia's economy. How many weeks of shutdown can Virginia endure before our economy crumbles under Ted Cruz's assault?

In less than a month, Virginians will have a chance to go to the polls and express their anger with Tea Party Republicans. On November 5th, I hope Virginia will show Ken Cuccinelli what it thinks of his best friend Ted Cruz.

Pictures from a protest

October 5, 2013 demonstration against Ken Cuccinelli and Ted Cruz.

The demonstrators were passionate.

The counter demonstrator, not so much.

Ralph Northam was there.

Planned Parenthood, the League of Conservation Voters, the Steelworkers, and many others were present.

Protesters asked motorists to honk if they opposed Cuccinelli; there was a lot of honking.

Donald McEachin turned up.