Monday, November 04, 2013

Twelve hours until polls open in Virginia's statewide elections!

In just twelve hours the polls will open in Virginia's statewide elections. It is a critical election in which voters are expected to reject the Tea Party Republican takeover of our commonwealth by electing a moderate, pro-middle class Democratic ticket.

If you have not already done so, now is the time to make a plan to vote.

1. When will you vote?
--Before work?
--In the morning?
--At lunch?
--After work?

2. Where is your poll?
Click here to go to a site where you can find your polling place. Polling places change, so make certain you are going to the right place.

3. How will get to the polls?
Make sure you make the route and make allowances for travel time so you aren't late to the polls.

4. What ID will you bring?
--Virginia Driver's License?
--Virginia Voter Registration card?
--Virginia Student ID?
--A utility bill with your name and address?

5. Vote the Democratic Ticket:
--Terry McAuliffe for Governor
--Ralph Northam for Lieutenant Governor
--Mark Herring for Attorney General

For House of Delegates races and local offices, you can contact your local Democratic Committee for a sample ballot of endorsed Democratic candidates. Here's a link to a list of local Democratic committees.

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