Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ken Cuccinelli should recuse himself from the AG race recount

Ken Cuccinelli had a decision to make--he could participate in the recount of the Attorney General's race as the sitting Attorney General of Virginia or he could act as a politician and fundraise for Mark Obenshain to help him cover the expenses of the recount. Ethically, Cuccinelli cannot do both. He has chosen to act as the Republican Party's fundraiser in chief, therefore he must recuse himself from the recount. This is a clear conflict of interest.

From State Senator Donald McEachin:
Attorney General Cuccinelli Should Not Fundraise
for Obenshain with Recount Looming

Henrico – Today, Senator A. Donald McEachin (D-Henrico) released this statement in response to Attorney General Cuccinelli’s fundraising appeal for Senator Obenshain’s potential recount. Senator McEachin said, “I am extremely distressed and concerned that the Attorney General would fundraise for his friend Senator Obenshain at this time. As our Attorney General, Mr. Cuccinelli has oversight responsibilities for the looming recount. As the chief lawyer for the Commonwealth, Virginians deserve better.

“He is someone who has a critical role to play to help ensure that Virginians have confidence in the outcome and know that our elections are professional, fair and non-partisan. Attorney General Cuccinelli needs to take his responsibilities seriously in this process and refrain from his overt and extreme partisanship.

“I call on the Attorney General to stop tainting the electoral process and to refrain from fundraising for Senator Obenshain. I further call on Senator Obenshain to recognize the importance of Virginians having faith in this process and in the eventual outcome and to therefore ask the Attorney General, to stop fundraising and to conduct himself in a way befitting an elected official with responsibilities. “


Poquosonrn said...

I cannot believe Ken Cuccinelli is such a snake. First he tries to rush through a purge of tens of thousands from voting, now this. This man has no shame and I'm glad he did not win

James Young said...

I cannot believe that someone who once ran for AG knows so little about Virginia law: the AG has nothing to do with the recount.

Obviously, McEachin is a show horse, not a race horse.