Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Video reveals Cuccinelli's theocratic intent

Ken Cuccinelli explains how and why he intends to impose his religion and ideology on Virginia.

This next video shows Cuccinelli bragging about how he misled the editors of the Washington Post and Virginia voters by bald-facedly lying about what his policy goals were. Cuccinelli told the Washington Post his focus would be on transportation, but his real focus has been on ending a woman's right to choose.

This last video is by American Bridge, and hammers Cuccinelli for his dishonesty on the campaign trail.

The striking thing for me is that Ken Cuccinelli admitted--hell, he bragged--that he'd lied to the Washington Post about what he stood for and had gotten away with. Watch the video of his speech; fooling the Washington Post is a laugh line in his speech.

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