Monday, October 21, 2013

The AP's dismissal of Bob Lewis is a tragedy

Veteran Virginia political reporter Bob Lewis has been fired by the Associated Press.

Anybody who knows me knows that I am a fanatical Virginia Democrat and Liberal. When I heard the news that Bob Lewis had published--and then almost immediately retracted--a false story about Terry McAuliffe, I was upset, but I respected Mr. Lewis for admitting his mistake and moving swiftly to correct it.

I have nothing but respect for Bob Lewis. I have encountered him many, many times as a political blogger in Virginia and I have found him to be a very professional reporter.

That being said, he got this story terribly wrong--but to his credit, he almost immediately retracted it. I wish I knew what went wrong. I have to believe that Mr. Lewis was misled and fed false information by a Republican source.

Something went terribly wrong and I was upset that someone with Bob Lewis' gravitas was misled, but if I am ever lucky enough to run into Bob Lewis in person, I intend to shake his hand.

This is a real loss to the Virginia political reporting scene. Bob Lewis is a vanishing commodity--an impartial witness.

I am sorry to see him go.

I hope that one of Virginia's major newspapers is smart enough to profit off the AP's blunder by quickly hiring Mr. Lewis--we need his brand of high-quality, impartial reporting.

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