Friday, October 11, 2013

Republican shutdown endangers disabled veterans

It's becoming a fairly common meme online: conservatives are writing blog posts with the message "the federal government has been closed for X days and it hasn't affected me at all . . ."

From the Richmond Times Dispatch:
Haneke held up his end of the bargain, serving as a captain in Vietnam until a bomb exploded nearby.

Haneke lost most of his right leg and part of his left foot. He lost his left eye, half his nose and four fingertips on his right hand. With a shattered skull and jaw and wounds on 90 percent of his body, he nearly lost his life.

Now, he and other disabled veterans are on the verge of losing the monthly government payments they depend on to survive.
It is simply appalling that the Republican Party would allow its Tea Party wing to endanger the health and well-being of our nation's disabled veterans. The Tea Party Republicans had enough foresight about what a government shutdown meant to arrange for their own gym to remain open, but Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz made no provision for our disabled veterans!

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