Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Key Cuccinelli ally: "Screw the stock market"

It was not that long ago that Ken Cuccinelli's gubernatorial campaign was perceived of as being in a slump--even by the Cuccinelli campaign itself. There was a shakeup at the campaign, with staff roles being redefined. Then Cuccinelli made a show of donating the value of the gifts he'd received from Star Scientific to a charity (linked to another one of Cuccinelli's donors). This effort to reboot Cuccinelli's campaign was capped by a Constitution Day rally on September 17th with Tea Party shock talk radio host Mark Levin. Cuccinelli was looking for an event to define (or redefine) himself to supporters and he very consciously chose Mark Levin.

That event didn't go as well as Cuccinelli hoped, because the guy Cuccinelli chose to emcee the event, John Whitbeck, kicked it off by telling an anti-Semitic joke, seen in this video.

Cuccinelli's campaign spent the next few days denying that it even knew who John Whitbeck was . . . until video and pictures appeared to show that John Whitbeck was the guy who literally nominated Cuccinelli for Governor at the Republican Party of Virginia's convention--so Cuccinelli's denials were bald-faced lies.

After Whitbeck's anti-Semitic joke, Ken Cuccinelli introduced Mark Levin, the man whose endorsement Cuccinelli wanted. Cuccinelli wanted Levin to speak for him and on his behalf. Here's the video:

As you can see, Ken Cuccinelli got his endorsement from Mark Levin on Constitution Day. Now, just yesterday, Mark Levin had this to say in a rant about shutting down the government: "Screw the stock market," which is just another way of saying, screw the economy and screw ordinary Americans.

The Republican Party is willing to crash the American economy over an idea that came out of a conservative think tank; lest we forget, it was the Heritage Foundation who came up with the idea for individual mandates.

It's time for non-Tea Party Americans to band together to defeat the Tea Party once and for all. Ken Cuccinelli is the epitome of a Tea Party politician. When Ken Cuccinelli needed someone to reboot his campaign, he went to a Tea Party radical like Mark Levin. If elected, Cuccinelli's administration would be made up of Tea Party extremists.

If the thought of a government filled with hysterical Tea Party members frightens you, then you need to roll up your sleeves and volunteer for the Democratic Coordinated Campaign and work to elect a straight Democratic ticket in Virginia this year. When Terry McAuliffe is Governor, he will veto the radical Tea Party agenda. When Ralph Northam is Lieutenant Governor, he will break ties in the State Senate to block Tea Party Legislation. When Mark Herring is Attorney General he will clean house at the Office of the Attorney General and put an end to the corrupt way Ken Cuccinelli has run that office.

There's a lot at risk in this year's elections--make sure you don't leave anything on the table; volunteer!

A huge tip of the hat to Lowell Feld of Blue Virginia for finding all of these videos.

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