Sunday, October 06, 2013

Ken Cuccinelli flees from Ted Cruz

Last night, in Richmond, Virginia, Tea Party Republican Ken Cuccinelli turned up his heels and fled just as fast as his feet would carry him from Ted Cruz, the Tea Party Republican architect of the federal government shutdown.

For weeks now, the Cuccinelli campaign has been planning a triumphant joint appearance with Cuccinelli and Cruz at the annual dinner of the Family Foundation of Virginia, a conservative anti-abortion group. The Cuccineli campaign was also looking at other appearances with the two Tea Party Republicans campaigning together--but no more; Cruz is now seen as too toxic by the Cuccinelli campaign, which has been back peddling from Cruz in what can only be called a panicky retreat.

Last night, at the Greater Richmond Convention Center, Ken Cuccinelli actually avoided being photographed with Ted Cruz and fled the venue after giving brief opening remarks--and long before Cruz gave the keynote speech.

Outside, a boisterous crowd of 200 protesters from Planned Parenthood, United Steelworkers, the League of Conservation Voters, the Sierra Club, and many other groups opposed to Cuccinelli's candidacy demonstrated and encouraged passing motorists to blow their horns if they opposed Cuccinelli. There was a lot of horn blowing.

What a change in tone from just a few months ago, when Ken Cuccinelli brayed that the U.S. Senate needed "more Ted Cruzes." Just months ago, Ken Cuccinelli would have replaced every senator in the U.S. Senate with a clone of Ted Cruz; now Ken Cuccinelli refuses to be be photographed with Ted Cruz, or even stick around to hear what Ted Cruz has to say.

Of course, right now, Cuccinelli is trying to distance himself from the hugely unpopular Cruz, but previously, Cuccinelli has pronounced himself a fan of government shutdowns, boasting that he'd take Virginia "right to the brink, over the brink" rather than approve a tax hike that was later approved. Ken Cuccinelli is every bit as nutty and irresponsible as Ted Cruz, but now he's trying to dodge the senator from Texas now that he's become unpopular.

So now we wait for Ken Cuccinelli's "best friend forever" Ted Cruz to blink while Cruz's shutdown of the federal government tanks Virginia's economy. How many weeks of shutdown can Virginia endure before our economy crumbles under Ted Cruz's assault?

In less than a month, Virginians will have a chance to go to the polls and express their anger with Tea Party Republicans. On November 5th, I hope Virginia will show Ken Cuccinelli what it thinks of his best friend Ted Cruz.

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