Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Republican, Democratic, and Libertarian candidates at Buena Vista

Thanks to Libertarian blogger Rick Sincere for making these videos of the speakers at yesterday's Buena Vista Labor Day Parade. It is a long held Virginia tradition that this event marks the beginning of the final "sprint to the finish line" in Virginia's statewide elections. People have returned from vacation, the kids are back in school, and ordinary Virginians are beginning to tune into this year's election for the statewide offices of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General. Here, side by side, are the three candidates for the Virginia Governor's mansion this year.

Republican Ken Cuccinelli.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

Libertarian Robert Sarvis.

Robert Sarvis is emerging as a credible alternative for Libertarian Conservatives who want to send a message to the Republican establishment. Ken Cuccinelli got the Republican nomination as the result of a backroom deal that did away with the Republican primary and replaced it with a Tea Party dominated convention. The result was a far right extreme ticket with corrupt Ken Cuccinelli at the top of the ticket and nutcase E.W. Jackson as his running mate. If Ken Cuccinelli can't get his campaign out of the ditch soon, I predict a significant number of Republicans will shift their vote to Sarvis to show their displeasure with their party's leadership.

Hat tip to Rick Sincere for his videos.

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