Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mark Obenshain's record of supporting discrimination

Mark Obenshain--the Republican candidate for Virginia Attorney General this year--is running from his record of supporting discrimination against LGBT people.
State Senator Mark Obenshain (R-VA), his party’s Republican nominee for Virginia Attorney General, said Thursday that he opposes “discrimination of any kind” and that he has “been clear” that employment discrimination “should not be tolerated in Virginia.” These statements are flatly contradicted by his own record, in which he has consistently supported allowing public employment discrimination against LGBT Virginians.

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But Obenshain’s record does not match that claim. Though a bipartisan super-majority of state Senators and Delegates in 2005 signed statements averring that they would not personally discriminate in employment decisions on the basis of sexual orientation, he declined to do so. Eight years later, he has still never taken this simple step.

In 2010, and again this year Obenshain voted against bills that would have codified this policy and officially banned discrimination against LGBT people in public employment in Virginia.
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