Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ken Cuccinelli's wasteful "Witch Hunt"

Ken Cuccinelli is the archetypal Republican "pay to play" career politician. A huge proportion of Cuccinelli's funding comes from fossil fuel companies; not coincidentally, Ken Cuccinelli pays back his sponsors by hassling climate scientists. From Think Progress:
A circuit judge and then the Virginia Supreme Court ruled that the Attorney General was incorrect in believing he had the legal authority to undertake such a fishing expedition. When he blasted the ruling, newspapers blasted him for wasting Virginia tax dollars. He also failedin his federal lawsuit challenging the Environmental Protection Agency’s power to regulate carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas — aunanimous appeals court upheld the agency’s regulations as based on an “unambiguously correct” reading of the law.
Read "Dirty Energy Fuels Climate Change Denier Ken Cuccinelli’s Campaign" at Think Progress.

Let me be blunt: Ken Cuccinelli is a crook. The man is for sale, and will do whatever it takes to "earn" a campaign donation from a "supporter" with a financial interest in the outcome of a Virginia political debate. Cuccinelli even went out of his way to help a con man stealing money meant for Navy veterans, for a price. For the right price, Cuccinelli will betray average Virginians to help out of state gas companies.

When you drill down to the core of every one of Ken Cuccinelli's many scandals you discover a pattern; in every case Cuccinelli sought to put cash in his pocket even if--especially if--the actions he took to "earn" the "gifts" in question cost Virginia taxpayers hundreds or millions of dollars.

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