Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ken Cuccinelli played the editors of the Washington Post for a bunch of fools

From American Bridge:
Cuccinelli: We“Told The Post We Were Talking About Transportation…They Bought It.” In a January 2006 speech to the Leadership Institute, Cuccinelli discussed how he won his first election: “We won from the churches, on pro-life, and taxes, that was it, that was all we did. Did the same thing in the general election – told the Post we were talking about transportation. They bought it.” [Leadership Institute, 1/4/06, Video]
Cuccinelli: “If You Want To Fight Abortion, You Have To Fill Potholes.” In a live chat hosted by the Family Foundation, Cuccinelli stressed how his main focus will remain banning abortion. He said, “As a Senator, there is no substitute for doing the basics, i.e., getting the streets fixed and the police paid, and there are many things we deal with that don’t implicate core principles, but it is those few issues of principles that I find so motivating. But, to fight for my principles, I have to be good at serving my constituents as best I can. As my friend Del. Bob Marshall says, ‘if you want to fight abortion, you have to fill potholes.’” [Family Foundation, Live Chat, 3/7/08]
Will the editors of the Washington Post be as gullible this time around? We can only hope that they won't take Ken Cuccinelli's falsehoods on transportation at face value this time.

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