Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Is Bob McDonnell the most "gifted" governor in Virginia history?

Star Scientific is just the tip of the iceberg. Bob McDonnell has been the recipient of numerous lavish gifts. Let's have a look at a sampling, shall we?

$25,000 from John G. Rocovich, Jr. who McDonnell reappointed to the board of visitors of Virginia Tech in 2010.
$19,000 from the Washington Redskins; Bob McDonnell obtained millions in subsidies for the team's new training camp.
$17,067 from Sima Birach, Jr., a Michigan broadcaster.
$10,182 from Delta Star Inc., a manufacturer of mobile substations and transformers in Lynchburg, Virginia.
$7,382 from Star Scientific, which McDonnell bothered to report (who knows what he took under the table?!).

These are just the five largest gifts from a single year and they total $78,631!  And this is just what Bob McDonnell bothered to report--who knows what he pocketed without reporting it because he thought the "gift" giver qualified as a "family friend."

Who are these people and companies and what did they receive or expect to receive for their largesse?

Wait until you hear about the gifts Ken Cuccinelli racked up, and who they were from.

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