Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I don't speak Spanish, but this sounds really bad for Ken Cuccinelli

Click the image to watch the Spanish language video.

Ken Cuccinelli thinks that immigrants are like rats and are treated far too well. That isn't exactly going over well with the Spanish language media. Click here to go to HolaCiudad! and watch the Spanish language video. Meanwhile, Terry McAuliffe is making it clear that he wants the votes of all of Virginia's voters.
Virginia’s Latino community is finding a growing voice in the race for governor. On Monday, Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe launched a Latino coalition – Latinos Con Terry – in support of his campaign.

McAuliffe held the kick-off at Todos Supermarket in Woodbridge, where storeowner Carlos Castro showed McAuliffe around his shop. He explained to the candidate his concern that Latinos are being given a bad image.

“I wouldn’t want to say I want special treatment for a particular group, whether we’re Latino or from other minorities, I think what we want is… fair treatment and a fair opportunity,” Castro said.
Read "McAuliffe Addresses Latino Voters in Northern Virginia" at Terry McAuliffe's campaign site. It will be interesting to see how Ken Cuccinelli's "racism and xenophobia" strategy works out for him.

Hat tip to Lowell Feld of Blue Virginia.

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