Monday, July 01, 2013

Cuccinelli's impending implosion

Bob McDonnell isn't the only Republican with "gift" problems--Ken Cuccinelli also dipped his beak into Jonnie Williams seemingly bottomless pocket. Yesterday, the Richmond Times Dispatch's Jeff Schapiro made it clear that Cuccinelli will not be able to evade his role in "Giftgate."
Bob McDonnell’s career is badly damaged, if not destroyed. It is a casualty of his continuing dissembling over tens of thousands of dollars in undisclosed gifts to him; his wife, Maureen; and their children from Jonnie Williams Sr., the dietary supplement executive. This includes a $6,500 Rolex watch that has vanished from McDonnell’s wrist.

Fallout could also take out fellow Republican Ken Cuccinelli, the party’s candidate for governor.

He, too, has partaken of Uncle Jonnie’s largesse. Some of it Cuccinelli said he’d forgotten to disclose: A trip to New York and two family vacations to Williams’ lake house, one of which included Thanksgiving dinner. More troubling may be Cuccinelli’s failure to report his stake in Williams-led Star Scientific while the Cuccinelli-led attorney general’s office, now relying on two private lawyers working for free, battles with the firm in court over $1.7 million in unpaid taxes and penalties.
Read "Schapiro: Rolex-wearing governor is political time bomb" at the Richmond Times Dispatch.

Here's the deal; we are waiting for Labor Day. Everyone is enjoying summer vacation and packing for the beach. In early September, Virginians will return home, shake the sand from their beach towels, and tune into both the election and the growing scandal at the Governor's Mansion.

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