Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Cuccinelli accused of cover up in McDonnell "Giftgate"

It should surprise no one that Ken Cuccinelli has been accused of wrongdoing.
Remember how everyone has been speculating about whether McDonnell's "Giftgate" scandal would overtake Ken Cuccinelli and involve him in some way? Well, it just happened.

NBC News 12 in Richmond, Virginia has obtained a copy of a devastating court filing from the attorneys for chef Todd Schneider. In this court filing, Ken Cuccinelli's office is accused of participating in a cover up of illegal activities by the McDonnell family at Virginia's executive mansion.

Schneider's attorneys claim that their client was a whistle blower upset by Bob and Maureen McDonnell's refusal to pay him properly for catering services he provided. When Schneider reported these irregularities to the Office of the Attorney General (i.e. Ken Cuccinelli), Cuccinelli responded by indicted Schneider in an effort to silence him and protect the McDonnell family from prosecution.

You have to read this court filing. If the allegations in this document are true, then the consequences for Cuccinelli's campaign for Virginia Governor could be dire.

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