Sunday, July 14, 2013

Boycott Florida

So here's the thing. In Florida, if someone doesn't like the way you look, they can stalk you, provoke a fight with you, and then shoot you. All perfectly legal in Florida. So here's the question: why would any sane person go to Florida?

If you care about what happened to Trayvon Martin, then boycott Florida. No vacations, no conventions, no business trips, no cruises, nothing. Maybe after a year or two of being shunned, the people of Florida will reconsider their barbaric law.

Nonviolence. Boycott.


Randy said...

A jury heard the evidence and made a decision. It might help if one kept to the facts as determined at trial- such as Martin was the person who threw the first punch, was atop of Zimmerman, and beating him.
This account is supported by the physical evidence.
Another point- did you urge people to boycott NY, when in a similar case the BLACK defendant who shot an unarmed WHITE 16 yo was acquitted? Did you boycott CA after OJ walked?
If you didn't, why not?
I practice criminal law for a living- based upon the evidence produced, I can not argue with the verdict, regardless of my personal opinion.

Staff said...

Randy, I'm making a lifestyle choice. You can make your own. We still live in a free country. I will boycott Florida.