Saturday, June 08, 2013

E.W. Jackson: birth defects are the result of "sin"

Bishop E.W. Jackson, Sr.:
Keep in mind that the whole cosmos has been made imperfect — wounded — by sin. It is the principle of sin, rebellion against God and His truth which has brought about birth defects and other destructive natural occurrences. Leaving aside that for a moment, recent discoveries about the genetic code of each human being are a fulfillment of scripture. Your genetic code is the handwriting of God, written before you or the world existed. Our genetic blueprint is proof of the existence of the Living God and His infinite intelligence, purpose and design. Sadly, many will ignore the deeper spiritual truth which underlies the advance of this scientific knowledge.
This is the person the Republican Party of Virginia nominated for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia.

At least one other Virginia Republican agrees: Bob Marshall. This is an important issue that the press needs to ask ALL candidates for public office in Virginia: "Do you believe that birth defects are caused or related in any way to the concept of 'sin'?"

Every single candidate for public office in Virginia should be made to answer this question.

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