Sunday, June 02, 2013

Another window into the bizarre, demented world of E.W. Jackson

Think Progress has a must-read article about E.W. Jackson's use of Twitter. Jackson's a very "special" guy, so you can imagine just how "special" his Twitter page is.
If you were to put the dregs of conservative Internet comment sections into a pot, boil them down to their essence, then run the resulting product through a sieve to get it to its rawest, most pure form of vitriol, it would probably look something like E.W. Jackson’s Twitter feed.
I've used a couple of Jackson's Tweets to illustrate this post, but Think Progress has many more. If you are really brave and you are prepared to look into the truly demented mind of Bishop E.W. Jackson, then you can head on over to Jackson's Twitter page and read 662 of his Tweets . . . better hurry though, because if I was a betting man I'd bet that page is going to be taken down soon.

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