Monday, May 27, 2013

Ralph Northam's campaign responds to questions about party switching

Ralph Northam's campaign has responded to questions about whether Northam ever considered switching parties from Democratic to Republican in 2009. According to Northam's campaign manager Bradley Komar:
Ralph Northam has always been a Democrat and will always be a Democrat. He never considered leaving the party--the entire episode was a Republican pipe-dream.
For what it is worth, I make no endorsement in this primary. It is up to Virginia's voters to do the necessary research and decide for themselves who they will entrust with with the deciding vote in Virginia's State Senate.

Virginia's Republicans have already decided; they have chosen E.W. Jackson. Who will Virginia's Democrats choose to oppose him?

Update:  Ben Tribbett comments on this story at Not Larry Sabato.


Anne Glidden said...
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Unknown said...

Ben Tribbett at Not Larry Sabato questions the Northam campaign's account of this in his post at I have no first hand information but this concerns me....