Monday, May 27, 2013

Ralph Northam has nine hours to explain this

I wanted to remain neutral in this year's Democratic primary, but recent developments have forced me off the fence. The campaign of Aneesh Chopra recently decided to go negative and released a negative ad criticizing Ralph Northam's record on gun votes and the NRA. Northam's camp responded with a lot of whiny complaints insisting that Northam was beyond criticism, above complaint--a pure Democrat, deserving of his party's nomination for statewide office.

I find that claim fascinating in view of Jeff Frederick's boast that Ralph Northam was about to change sides. Has Northam ever answered those charges? I will give the campaign of Ralph Northam nine hours to explain his offer to switch to the Republican Party as described by Jeff Frederick. After that, if I am not satisfied, I will declare war against Ralph Northam for Lieutenant Governor.

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