Sunday, May 26, 2013

McAuliffe's new ad showcases leadership

There is a time and place for partisanship. There are other times when the needs of the people of Virginia require common sense compromises and a willingness to work across party lines. Terry McAuliffe's new campaign ad, "Too Important," showcases the kind of common sense leadership we can expect from McAuliffe when he is governor of Virginia.

The transportation compromise put forward by Republican Governor Bob McDonnell was not perfect, but a compromise was necessary to move Virginia forward. Attorney Genersl Ken Cuccinelli refused to budge and signaled that he stood with the most extreme, obstructionist elements of the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party of Virginia. Terry McAuliffe, Democratic candidate for Virginia Governor, recognized that this was a moment for bipartisanship and leadership. McAuliffe lobbied Democratic legislators and encouraged them to meet Governor McDonnell in the middle, resulting in a transportation bill that will help keep Virginia moving forward.

In the next four or five years there may be another moment where Virginia will need compromise in order to move forward and overcome some unforeseen obstacle. Does anyone seriously believe that Ken Cuccinelli is capable of that kind of compromise? When Ken Cuccinelli is presented with a choice between compromise and responsible leadership on one side and partisanship and pandering to the worst instincts of the Tea Party fringe, he invariably chooses the latter.

Terry McAuliffe is the right choice for Virginia in 2013.

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