Saturday, May 18, 2013

Aneesh Chopra's statement on E.W. Jackson's candidacy

Aneesh Chopra, one of two Democrats contending for the Democratic nomination for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, has released the following statement.
Chopra Statement on GOP Nomination of E.W. Jackson

ARLINGTON, VA — Aneesh Chopra, Democratic candidate for Virginia Lt. Governor, released the following statement today regarding the selection of Bishop E.W. Jackson as the Republican nominee for Lt. Governor. Jackson was chosen on the 5th round of balloting at the Republican Party of Virginia's convention in Richmond.

"Today, a small group of Republican Party insiders gathered in Richmond to select Bishop E.W. Jackson as their nominee. This choice highlights just how out-of-touch the Republican Party of Virginia has become. Jackson's extreme views are far to the right of Virginia voters. In fact, Jackson is far more extreme than Ken Cuccinelli -- which is quite a feat."

"Jackson was selected after 5 rounds of voting by some 8,000 convention attendees. The fact that so few people attended the convention says a lot about how inviting the Republican Party in Virginia is right now. I know that come November, the voters of Virginia will reject Jackson and his extreme agenda. This is a man who has attacked the Democratic Party as having an "agenda worthy of the Antichrist." This is a man who has called the LGBT community "perverted" and "very sick people."

"Voters in Virginia saw what Bishop Jackson stood for last year, when he ran for U.S. Senate, and they didn't like it. He couldn't even break 5% of the vote in the Republican primary. The fact that he is now the party's nominee for Lt. Governor shows just how far to the right the Virginia GOP has moved."

"I'm running for Lt. Governor because I know the people of Virginia are ready to turn the page on the divisive and extreme politics of the past. I'm running because I believe all Virginians deserve equality and opportunity. I'm running to move our Commonwealth forward and ensure that everyone has a fair shot at success. I look forward to continuing the campaign to fight for a better future for Virginia."


James Young said...

Bold words from an idiot who apparently cannot even count. It was FOUR ballots, not five.

Staff said...

James, you sound upset. Are you okay?