Monday, April 08, 2013

Terry McAuliffe campaigning in Richmond tonight

I caught up with Terry McAuliffe in Richmond, Virginia tonight. McAuliffe was campaigning at a small bi-partisan gathering at Ledbury in Richmond, Virginia. Ledbury is a small but growing business specializing in custom shirt-making located at 117 S. 14th Street Richmond, Virginia 23219.

McAuliffe was relaxed, enjoying the process and doing retail politics. It looks like McAuliffe is adopting the "small business strategy" Tim Kaine used so effectively last year. While Republicans focus on divisive ideological issues, Democrats like McAuliffe and Kaine are able to go into a small business setting and discuss the kinds of issues that ordinary people care about: business and employment being near the top of the list. Virginians want and need a governor that can address real world issues instead of trying to impose Ayn Rand's vision of the world on Virginia.

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