Wednesday, April 24, 2013

McDonnell family apparently looting Virginia's Executive Mansion

Bob McDonnell's family has apparently never met a freebie they didn't like. The Commonwealth of Virginia has been subsidizing everything from the sons' cravings for energy drinks to a daughter's desire for free booze.

A chef accused of embezzling from the Governor's Mansion apparently has documents showing that the McDonnells were paying him in kind with food paid for with state funds:
Authorities have investigated whether Schneider took food from the mansion to use in his own business, according to a law enforcement source.

The motion seeks information of any instances when the director of the mansion or anyone else told Schneider to "take the value of an unpaid invoice or request for payment in food."

The motion also seeks documentation of instances when Schneider was allegedly told to pay himself and his company by "taking it out in trade," or "the usual way."
If true, this suggests that it was the McDonnell family and not the chef who was embezzling from the state! Click here to go to the Richmond Times Dispatch to read the list of things the McDonnell family has taken from the taxpayers of Virginia.

Incidentally, there are 30 eggs in a "flat" of eggs. There are people in Virginia on food stamps to whom a flat of eggs would be a very big deal. There are people in Virginia who do not qualify for food stamps for whom a flat of eggs would be a very, very big deal indeed. Visit the Richmond Times Dispatch to find out which member of the McDonnell is accused of taking more than one flat of eggs from the Governor's Mansion for their personal use.

I do hope the McDonnells have reported all of Virginia's largesse to the Internal Revenue Service.

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