Thursday, March 07, 2013

Whether "Macaca" or "Birther," the Republican message hasn't changed

GOP activist--and Pete Snyder supporter--David Friend played the "Birther" card on Facebook today.
More racism today from yet another Republican--same old, same old . . . this is how they've been taught to see the world by their leaders, by Fox News, and by Rush Limbaugh. This is just another bitter fruit of the Southern strategy. Starting with Richard Nixon, the Republican Party has counted on the racism of Southern whites to win elections; now it is all they have left.

Mr. Friend (ironic name, huh?) is simply repeating the same message the GOP has been repeating for decades: if you are anything but the pinkest, pale-skinned shade of caucasian they will never, ever, ever accept you as a fellow American citizen with the same rights as them. You will always be something less to the GOP's base--something inferior; always just a "Macaca."

HT: To Ben Tribbett, who pointed this out to me.

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