Sunday, March 31, 2013

Today's must read: Bob McDonnell is for sale

Bob McDonnell [photo by Gage Skidmore]

Today's Washington Post has a major exposé on Bob McDonnell's relationship with a troubled business. It must be nice to be governor and get lots of freebies from people who want favors:
The $15,000 worth of fine dining came courtesy of Jonnie R. Williams Sr., the chief executive of a company that has made major contributions to McDonnell’s campaigns and that is the subject of a federal securities investigation.

The wedding gift, which was not disclosed by McDonnell, is just one element of the McDonnells’ close relationship with Williams and his company, a relationship that has included rides on Williams’s corporate jet, personal gifts to the first family and efforts by the governor and his wife to promote the company.
Weddings can be expensive. It's a good thing that Bob McDonnell has "friends" who are willing to pick up the tab.

Read the whole story at the Washington Post.

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