Monday, March 04, 2013

Mello Mushroom pizza chain to open Richmond location

The fast growing Mello Mushroom pizza chain has announced that it is bringing a franchise to Richmond's Carytown. Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers started in Atlanta, Georgia and operates as a restaurant franchise with more than 120 locations nationwide. The Richmond location is currently being renovated and is located at 3012 W. Cary Street in what used to be the Plan 9 music store (Plan 9 has since moved to a temporary location across the street). The new Mello Mushroom store is in a good location, close to the Byrd Theatre and within easy walking distance of the Fan and Museum District's high density residential areas. As well as pizza and other italian cuisine, Mello Mushroom is know for carrying a good selection of craft and microbrew beers on tap and in bottles. Most location feature between 20-40 taps and around 40-50 bottle selections, so Richmond's microbrew industry will acquire a new outlet for its products. All in all, the new business seems to be well matched to its surroundings. I can't wait to try my first slice of pie.

You can read more about Carytown's Mello Muchroom at the Mellow Mushroom website.

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