Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ted Cruz brings back Republican tradition of McCarthyism

Yesterday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz launched an outrageous and dishonest line of attack against Chuck Hagel, the Obama administration's nominee for Secretary of Defense. Cruz's attacks were so over the top and in violation of the rules and traditions of the Senate Armed Services Committee, that more than one member of the committee felt compelled to call Senator Cruz out for his misconduct. Here's video of Cruz doing his best Joe McCarthy-impersonation:

Now here's what Senator Bill Nelson (D-Florida) had to say about Ted Cruz's misconduct:

You may not like Chuck Hagel, and you certainly aren't obligated to vote for him, but dammit, Chuck Hagel volunteered for his country, fought for his country, and bled for his country--twice. None of that can be disputed, but the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party thinks it's okay to elect some God-damned chickenhawk who never served a day in uniform and send him to Washington, DC to lie about and defame people who have served. But I guess we shouldn't expect too much from the same bunch of assholes who decided to bring Ted Nugent--a "man" who literally shit his pants in order to dodge the draft and avoid serving in Vietnam--to the State of the Union and hold him out as a standard of behavior to the American people. That's the Tea Party in a nutshell.

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labman57 said...

Cruz appears to be attempting to out-dumb Michele Bachmann and steal her title as the reigning lunatic leader of the Congressional GOP tea party coven.

Or perhaps he will simple share the spotlight with her, spreading the cancer of ignorance and delusional diatribes to the Senate.