Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Schapiro scourges the GOP in the General Assembly

Jeff Schapiro once again proves that he is the best thing about the otherwise terrible Richmond Times Dispatch:
On the first day of the first full week of the 2013 General Assembly — in a span of about eight hours — Virginia Republicans juggled, shuffled and bungled their way through three issues that are aligning to further damage the party’s brand: gays, guns and the state’s changing demographics.

* * *

The more Republicans say they want to talk about issues of concern to all Virginians, such as transportation, education and the economy, the more they get bogged down on issues of concern to their Virginians: conservatives whose voting power is magnified by partisan redistricting and low-turnout elections.
The GOP has squandered an opportunity to repair its badly damaged brand.

Read Jeff Schapiro's "So much for swearing off the hot-button stuff" at the Richmond Times Dispatch.

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