Saturday, October 20, 2012

Republican Party of Virginia voter suppression scandal goes mainstream

Virginia's Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli thinks he can clamp down on the Republican Party of Virginia's spreading voter suppression scandal by refusing to investigate it. He's wrong. This story is spreading like wildfire now, and the longer he waits to investigate, the more damage it will do to his career. Just ask Jerry Kilgore about trying to cover up a GOP scandal. Here's a sampling of the coverage this story is receiving:

Brad Friedman at writes "GOP voter registration scandal widens."

Joseph Tanfani at the Los Angeles Times writes "Man registering voters for GOP accused of tossing forms in trash."

The Washington Post contributes "Man with firm under contract to Va. GOP charged with voter registration fraud."

Stephanie Saul at the New York Times writes "Man Aiding G.O.P. Voter Registration Drive Is Charged."

Aviva Shen at Think Progress writes "Voter Registration Firm Employee Working For The Virginia GOP Arrested For Dumping Registrations."

Michael Isikoff at NBC News: "GOP registration worker charged with voter fraud."

Steve Benen at the Maddowblog writes "GOP voter registration scandal grows more serious."

Lucy Madison at CBS News writes "Man charged after tossing voter registration forms in Virginia."

Erika Neddenien at WTVR in Richmond reports "Republican Party hire arrested for dumping Virginia voter registrations."

Evan Brandt in the Times Herald of Montgomery County, PA writes "Phoenixville man charged with tossing Va. voter registration forms."

And that's just a very modest sample of what is in store for the Republican Party of Virginia. So go ahead Attorney General Cuccinelli and cover up all you like. Something tells me this investigation won't be in your hands much longer anyway.

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