Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Powell pummels Cantor in VA07 debate!

Last night, Wayne Powell rocked Eric Cantor back on his heels in their one and only debate of the 2012 elections.  Powell was game and came out swinging, while Eric Cantor showed conclusively that he was unable to defend his record and that he is unfit to be a Congressman, let alone majority leader.

Cantor is among the worst examples of what can happen when gerrymandering puts a someone unethical almost beyond the reach of voters who can hold them accountable. Almost.

Wayne Powell and his campaign team have drawn Cantor out into the spotlight, and last night Cantor revealed himself to be a whiny, self-centered, and wholly corrupt loser.  Cantor, who is among the dirtiest politicians in the United States did nothing but whine about how unfair it was for him to have to answer to Wayne Powell's criticisms.  The best line of the night was Powell's "I'm not attacking you, I'm describing you."


You can watch the entire debate online at C-SPAN2.

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