Saturday, October 20, 2012

New photos link Colin Small to Republican Party of Virginia, GOP coverup underway

GOP consultant Colin Smalls stands accused of eight election fraud felonies.
In a startling development to the Colin Smalls case, blogger Lowell Feld of Blue Virginia has uncovered at least two photos linking Colin Smalls to the Harrisonburg, Virginia office of the Republican Party of Virginia.

This photos, as well as other evidence turned up by Ben Tribbett of Not Larry Sabato, show that the Republican Party has had dedicated voter suppression staff embedded in its campaign organization, and despite recent revelations of their activities, they have continued to employ these voter suppression dirtbags, simply transferring them from one Republican contractor to another.

At this point, the refusal of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and the Virginia State Board of Elections to investigate this case should be moot: this case needs to be investigated by the Federal Elections Commission and the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

In this picture, Colin Smalls is present on the far left of this picture of Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli visiting the Harrisonburg, Virginia GOP's "Victory" office. It's no small wonder that Cuccinelli is refusing to investigate this case, as he'd probably have to investigate his own role in the affair.

In this picture, Colin Smalls (again, on the far left) is shown with a team of GOP "doorknockers."

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