Sunday, September 09, 2012

Two Judith Godwin shows in Richmond

"Parrot" by Judith Godwin, 1953

Friday evening I went to a pair of Judith Godwin art shows at the Anderson Gallery and the Virginia Museum of Fine Art. Godwin was part of a second wave of Abstract Expressionist artists that are not as widely known as, say, Jackson Pollock or William De Kooning, due to the fact that Abstract Expressionism was rapidly overtaken by new art movements in the sixties, like Pop Art.

"Yellow Figure" by Judith Godwin, 1953

The show at the Anderson Gallery focuses on Godwin's earlier works, while the show at the VMFA shows later works. In addition, in an adjoining gallery, the VMFA is showing a number of later Abstract Expressionist works that it normally keeps in storage. It is a window on period of art history that is largely forgotten now.

Sunset at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art

The reflecting pool at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art

Thanks to Style Weekly for giving me a head's up about these shows.

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