Friday, September 21, 2012

Tim Kaine trounces George Allen at 1st debate

At times during this debate George Allen's performance was just awkward. It soon became clear that Allen had not done his homework and had not read the rules of the debate, because he kept asking for exceptions to be made on his behalf, but moderator David Gregory insisted that Allen adhere to the rules his own campaign negotiated.

An early moment of drama came when David Gregory asked Allen if he agreed with Mitt Romney's recently released remarks about the 47 percent." Allen dodged and weaved, refusing to answer until Gregory pressed. Allen thereby managed to look weak, dishonest, and disloyal as he refused to answer, caved in, and threw Mitt Romney under the bus.

The old George Allen magic is gone--they didn't even let him throw a single football into the crowd.

Take an hour and listen to Tim Kaine's positive, upbeat, and reasoned responses--periodically interrupted by George Allen's mindless jabbering at the camera--the choice for Virginia is clear: Tim Kaine for U.S. Senate!

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