Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Remember when Reva Trammell lied about the RCDC? I do.

This is from the Richmonder back on January 6, 2012. I wanted to make certain to remind my fellow RCDC members to remember how Reva Trammell has treated the RCDC.
Richmond Councilwoman Reva M. Trammell has had an ongoing feud with Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones for some time now. Trammell complains long and often that the mayor does not include her or consult with her or otherwise pay her the attention she believes to be her due. Her pursuit of that feud has now placed Trammell in an awkward position in regards to the Richmond City Democratic Committee.

I should pause here and make note of the fact that I am a member of RCDC and an eyewitness to much of what I am about to relate.

On December 18, 2011, the Richmond City Democratic Committee held its annual Rank & File Party and Mayor Jones graciously allowed RCDC to use his home to hold that event. All members of RCDC along with all Democrats holding elective office in the City of Richmond were invited to the event, including Reva M. Trammell. Trammell did not attend the RCDC Rank & File Party, instead she visited the Occupy Richmond encampment next door to the mayor's home at the home of Free Press owner Raymond Boone. I saw her there myself.

At some point after the party, Trammell spoke to some one (perhaps Mr. Boone himself) with the Free Press and Trammell was subsequently quoted in the Free Press claiming that she had not been invited to the party and that the mayor had snubbed her by not inviting her. That was not the case and today the RCDC's chairman, James "JayJay" Minor, issued the following statement.
Following RCDC's December 18, 2011 Rank and File Party, The Richmond Free Press published an article that quoted Councilwoman Reva Trammell. The article has given some RCDC members the impression that Councilwoman Trammell was not invited to attend our event. I want our members to know that not only did I send Councilwoman Trammell an invitation to attend, but I received a response from her regarding the event. I also had a phone conversation with her prior to the Rank and File Party--in fact, during that conversation she asked to be a patron of the event.
I can personally confirm the truth of JayJay's statement.

I can't speak to the substance of Reva Trammell's feud with Mayor Jones. Perhaps there is some valid reason why she is perpetually on the verge of bursting into tears or the increasingly unstable way she behaves in City Council meetings. But none of that justifies her portraying the RCDC in a false and negative light.

You would think that Councilwoman Trammell would have more respect for an organization that she literally begged in tears to endorse her just a few years ago--an endorsement decision the committee will be revisiting later this year as part of this year's election of both mayor and city council. Perhaps Trammell's behavior is her way of saying she does not wish to run for re-election.

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