Saturday, August 11, 2012

The day that cost Bob McDonnell the VP nomination

March 3, 2012 was the day that Bob McDonnell threw away his opportunity to appear on the 2012 Republican ticket as the GOP candidate for Vice President. That was the day that McDonnell--or one of his minions--made the decision to call out paramilitary police forces to crush a peaceful protest on the steps of Virginia's capital.

The images captured by the people on Capital Hill that day will forever stain McDonnell's legacy. The incident, which was a borderline police riot, provided so much negative video and still photography as to make McDonnell unelectable--and certainly un-selectable--as vice president.

During this week--and most especially on this day--Bob McDonnell cemented the name that will follow him into history: "Trans-Vaginal Bob." McDonnell's signature tag line, "Bob's for Jobs," overnight became "Bob's for Probes."

Does Bob McDonnell have a political future? Next year is the last full year of his term, but it will be overshadowed by the contentious contest for the GOP nomination between Bolling and Cuccinelli, and then by the gubernatorial general election between the GOP nominee and the Democrat (most likely Terry McAuliffe). Does anyone seriously think "Trans-Vaginal Bob" will be a match for Mark Warner in 2014?

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