Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tim Kaine welcomes George F. Allen to Virginia's U.S. Senate race

Anne Holton introduces Tim Kaine
Governor Kaine waits in the wings

Tim Kaine delivered a spirited (and comprehensive) address to a boistrous group of supporters gathered at Richmond's Centerstage tonight. Kaine hit the Republican nominee George F. Allen hard for placing his pledge to Grover Norquist ahead of any pledge to the people of Virginia. Here is Kaine's official release welcoming Allen to the race:
"I want to congratulate George Allen for his victory in tonight's primary. As we move into the general election phase of this campaign, Virginians are faced with a stark choice between two very different visions for our country's future. Voters already had the chance to experience George Allen's vision during his last term in the Senate, which turned record surpluses into massive deficits, added trillions to our debt, and put opportunity for a select few ahead of opportunity for all our businesses and families. George Allen's approach helped create our economic mess; Virginians can't afford six more years.

"As Lt. Governor and Governor during the same years that Allen served in the Senate, I worked to strengthen Virginia's economy. I worked across the aisle to balance Virginia's budget, cut $5 billion in state spending including my own pay, and recruit new businesses and industries to the Commonwealth. Thanks to our efforts, Virginia was Forbes' Best State for Business all four years of my term as Governor as well as Governing magazine's Best Managed State and Education Week's state in which a child has the best chance for success. Even as we made cuts to balance our budget, we also made new investments in education and transportation that created jobs and raised Virginia's economic standing in the long-term. We tackled tough challenges, including projects like Rail to Dulles which had languished on the drawing boards for years thanks to a lack of political will, and made them a reality.

"I wasn't expecting to run for the U.S. Senate, but when Jim Webb announced his retirement, I decided this election was too important, and the stakes too high, to sit on the sidelines. Throughout my career, I've worked to expand opportunities, bridge divides, and deliver results. That's exactly what I will do as Virginia's next Senator."
Kaine contrasted his own record with that of Allen and then shared his vision for greater cooperation in the U.S. Senate.  I think George F. Allen has drawn an opponent that is going to play against Allen's greatest weaknesses: Allen's partisanship and his record as a corporate shill.  George F. Allen can't point to a single policy position he wasn't paid to take by some interest group.

Tim Kaine addresses supporters in Richmond, Virginia on June 12, 2012.

Kaine supporters at Richmond's Centerstage arts venue on June 12,  2012.

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