Friday, June 22, 2012

Charlie Diradour scores a potentially important endorsement

Donald McEachin endorsed Charlie Diradour today in Richmond's Fan District.

Charlie Diradour is running for Richmond's 2nd District City Council seat and today he scored what could be a game changing endorsement from popular State Senator Donald McEachin.

McEachin's 9th Senate District seat includes much of the 2nd City Council District and McEachin won the three 2nd District precincts in his senate district by 88.6% to his challenger's 11.4%. Turnout was admittedly small in that election, but McEachin is nevertheless very popular in the 2nd City Council District and his endorsement of Diradour has to concern Charles Samuels, the incumbent.

This race could be construed as a referendum on the City Council's attitude towards small businesses in Richmond. Charles Samuels was the main promoter of a sound ordinance that created problems for owners of restaurants in the Fan and was recently dinged by a failure to act quickly to change outdated parking signs on Broad Street that led directly to the arrest of a small business owner when he tried to protect his clientele from getting parking tickets. Charlie Diradour, on the other hand is a small business owner himself and is familiar with the challenges they face in Richmond.

McEachin's endorsement could also tip the balance in the Richmond City Democratic Committee. Some in RCDC have questioned whether the committee should endorse anyone in the race because both Samuels and Diradour are regarded as good Democrats, but if the popular McEachin were to come to an RCDC meeting and ask the committee to back Diradour that might just be enough to tip the balance it what may be the only truly competitive race in Richmond this year.

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