Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Virginia Voters overwhelmingly reject Eric Cantor

Wayne Powell, Democratic Candidate in Virginia's 7th Congressional District

Democratic candidate for Virginia's 7th Congressional District Wayne Powell is aggressively calling attention to Eric Cantor's failure of leadership. Here's the latest press release from the Powell campaign:
New Poll Shows Virginians Overwhelmingly Reject Eric Cantor’s Political Gamesmanship 

Just 27% of Virginia voters hold a favorable opinion 

RICHMOND, VA — Yesterday, Public Policy Polling released the results a new survey showing Virginians have a very low opinion of Eric Cantor (VA-07).

“This poll shows that Virginians are tired of Eric Cantor’s partisan political gamesmanship. Virginians are looking to Congress for solutions — instead, Cantor spends his time on power politics and focused on his own personal political ambitions.” said Wayne Powell, Democratic candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 7th congressional district.

“Virginians all across the state reject Cantor's ideological obstructionism. Virginians remember that, after last summer’s earthquake, Cantor held disaster relief for Louisa County hostage. He delayed help for his own constituents to score political points with his Tea Party cronies in his own party. Even Republicans are growing leery of Cantor’s extreme partisan power grabs,” added Powell.

Just 27% of Virginians have a favorable opinion of Cantor. Across demographic groups, Eric Cantor has alienated Virginia voters.
  • Eric Cantor’s unpopularity in Virginia is gender blind: Only 28% of men and 27% of women have a favorable opinion of Cantor
  • Across age groups, Cantor’s unpopularity holds constant. Just 25% of young voters have a favorable opinion of Cantor, and only 30% of voters older than 65 like Cantor.
  • Only 16% of moderate voters have a favorable impression of Eric Cantor, and 51% of moderates have an unfavorable impression.
  • Independent voters disapprove of Cantor by 49% unfavorable to 28% favorable.
    “These poll numbers prove what I have been hearing all around the district. Voters are tired of politics as usual and, in particular, are tired of Eric and his personal political games. People in the seventh district want a congressman who will work for them,” said Powell. 
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    Wayne Powell is running for Congress in Virginia’s 7th congressional district. Wayne is a retired Army Colonel, a small business owner, and a community lawyer.
    These are amazing numbers and they show that Cantor's reckless grandstanding has badly damaged his reputation. Cantor used to be a nameless, faceless lackey of Tom DeLay, but now he's stepped into the spotlight and Virginians don't like what they've seen.


    Brian said...

    This might matter if all Virginians could vote for/against Eric Cantor.

    engaged said...

    Wayne Powell is receiving small donations from people all across the country. They can't vote for him, but they support his campaign. Hopefully, it will be enough to buy some ads and get the word out to people in the 7th district. Then it's just a matter of getting them to the polls. THAT we can do :)

    donna robertson said...

    thank's high time to get rid of him.
    I would be happy to support Powell, even if I am from North Carolina...

    Kirby Harris said...

    Wanna get rid of Cantor? Then go vote for Floyd Bayne on June 12th in the 7th District Republican Primary and knock him out of the race before the general election even starts.

    And tell all your friends who can't stand Eric Cantor to go a vote for Floyd Bayne as well.

    Brian B said...

    Brian -what's this Might Matter - every vote matters and he's toast!