Friday, April 13, 2012

Wayne Powell is the official Democratic candidate for Virginia's 7th CD!

The Democratic chair for Virginia's 7th Congressional District has made it official: Wayne Powell will face off against Eric Cantor in this year's Congressional election:
Wayne Powell, Veteran, Small Business Owner and Local Attorney 
Is Democratic Nominee to Oppose Eric Cantor

Says Cantor is “epitome of what is wrong in Washington…a career political operator 
who is the poster child for Washington gridlock and dysfunction”

Chesterfield – Today, the Seventh District Democratic Committee announced that Wayne Powell, a small business owner and partner in the law firm of Powell and Parrish, will be the Democratic congressional nominee to oppose Eric Cantor. The Seventh District Democratic Party used a caucus/convention process to select their nominee. At the close of the filings, prior to even the first caucus, Wayne Powell had 80% of those who filed and his opponent, David Hunsicker of Lake of the Woods, had only 20%. Mr. Hunsicker has suspended his campaign and, in concert with section 12.8 of the Virginia Democratic Party Plan, Mr. Powell, with his vast support among Democrats in the district, is the nominee.

Mr. Powell said, “I am gratified by the overwhelming support I have received form Seventh District Democrats. From growing up as the son of a welder in Richmond’s Church Hill, I’ve had to work my heart out for everything I have – nothing has been given to me. I pledge to run this campaign on the same work ethic that has guided me throughout my personal, military and professional career.

“Unlike Eric Cantor, I am not a politician; I am an ordinary citizen – a retired army Colonel, attorney and small business owner – who believes something is drastically wrong with Congress and our country’s political system, a system where multinational corporations and the wealthiest control too many of our elected representatives. Mr. Cantor, moreover, is the epitome of what is wrong in Washington. He is a career political operator who is the poster child for Washington dysfunction, a congressman whose overwhelming goal appears to be accumulating political power for himself to advance the interests of political cronies and the wealthiest special interests, both in Washington and here at home in the seventh district. His service is not focused on the needs of his constituents.

“My campaign will lay out a forward looking vision for our district that places people first and contrasts that with Mr. Cantor’s record that consistently supports the interests of the wealthiest, most politically connected interests over those of his own constituents.

“I will also stress my steadfast conviction that women should be free to make their own health care decisions and have access to basic medical needs such as contraception without government interference and contrast that with Mr. Cantor’s view that places big government firmly in the middle of this most personal of decisions. 
“I look forward to opportunities for joint appearances so that both of us can be answerable to Virginians. Folks here in the seventh deserve a real opportunity to find out where both of us stand and how the policies we support impact Virginia,” Mr. Powell concluded.

Abbi Easter, chair of the Seventh District Democratic Committee stated, “Democrats here in the seventh are enthusiastic and eager for a spirited campaign that will lay out the stark differences between Wayne Powell and his opponent and between President Obama and former governor Tim Kaine and their opponents. We are confident that our friends and neighbors will see the disregard for their needs and problems that the Republicans have.”    
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