Monday, April 23, 2012

The War on Women continues with an attack on VAWA

Both nationally and locally, the Republican Party has dug itself a deep hole where women are concerned. On both the state and federal levels, Republicans have sponsored literally hundreds of new laws designed to restrict women's rights and take away their health care, their right to choose, and even their right to be paid the same amount for the same work. What's the latest front in the GOP's War on Women? The Violence Against Women Act.

The Republican Party is threatening to let the Violence Against Woman Act expire; a law that has helped to protect women from violence for over 20 years. This law has always had bipartisan support, but now the Republican Party wants to kill this vital law to punish women for their refusal to submit to the GOP's anti-woman agenda.

If the extreme right wing of the Republican Party is able to block the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, then it will be just the latest GOP blow against American women. We can only hope that women will begin to wake up to the threat posed to their fundamental rights by right wing ideology and that women will act, and vote, accordingly.

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James Young said...

Uh, the VAWA will expire of its own accord. No one is talking about "repeal."