Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Zimmerman's lawyer flees Lawrence O'Donnell

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Lawrence O'Donnell crushed George Zimmerman's lawyer last night on "The Last Word."

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Randy said...

1) Why would he stay? He could not do Zimmerman (whom we assume is his client) any good. I'm surprised he even agreed to the show in the first place.

2) "This is a lawyer..." Blah-blah. Given that O'Donnell is clearly biased, and in fact makes several incorrect statements- what purpose would have this served Zimmerman? IF this lawyer indeed represents Zimmerman, then not allowing O'Donnell to grandstand was the correct choice. Particularly since NONE of the questions were ones that NO defense attorney would have answered- unless he wanted to face a bar complaint.
This case should be investigated, the results presented to the grand jury, and (as we all suspect)a True bill returned, Zimmerman should tried in a court of law.