Friday, March 02, 2012

Where's the outrage from the Right?

Rush Limbaugh, the fat, drug-addicted pig that he is, has gone way out of bounds in his attacks against Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke. But where's the outrage from the Right? Limbaugh's actions are despicable, but all we hear from Republican leaders are crickets. They tacitly support Limbaugh's ugly bullying; it's all part of the Republican Party's War on Women.


delasteve1 said...

I saw a post last night on the facebook page of Carbonite (national advertiser for Limbaugh)that made a lot of sense. "Spread the impact, locally by looking at the advertisers of the radio station that airs Limbaugh locally" for us that WRVA and I would hope the low-hanging fruit is Julep's who are on the front page. Spread the word and call the owner:

Amy Cabaniss, Owner

1719-21 East Franklin St.
Richmond, Virginia 23223
telephone: 804-377-3968
email address:

Eddie said...

Absolutely ridiculous. I don't think its fair to call out a local business because of something a national talk show host said. Rush Limbaugh is just one of the programs on WRVA, there are many others, including tragfic and news that are still beneficial to many Richmonders.

The Richmonder said...

Accidentally deleted this comment so I'm reposting it here:

Rastus Gold has left a new comment on your post "Where's the outrage from the Right?":

So the effect of what delasteve1 says should be, is to punish the local business owners who are advertising on WRVA and trying to earn a living while in this case this business owner is female. How is this type of blogging helping anyone? Blast the person who apologized for his remarks. This simply doesn't make any sense.

R. Gold

Unknown said...

By advertising on his show, advertisers help Mr. Limbaugh earn a living. They are, in effect, employing Mr. Limbaugh to promote their business.

They can always fire him and do their advertising elsewhere.

In the meantime, I don't feel the need to give my money to a business that has Limbaugh on the payroll.